Peanut Butter face…

When a certain big brother didn’t put the lid back on the peanut butter, I turned the corner to find this staring at me:














It’s a good thing she’s so cute!

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31 Ways to Pray

I came across this link on Pinterest and think it is a great inspiration.  We need to pray specifically and individually for our children.  The article references thirty-one bible verses to use each day of the month.  I believe that our prayers should not be mechanical and something we say so many times that it becomes second nature, but these verses will be used as a guide at first and put in my mind different prayers that my children need.

31 Ways to Pray for Your Children

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Too early, Baby A…

This little one woke up in the middle of the night and got up way too early!  I know she is still adjusting like the rest of us, but Momma is tired.

So, she gets up early and takes off down the hall.  I call her to come back and after a few seconds I hear the pitter-patter of her little feet coming towards me.  She pops into the doorway and with a “look what I’ve gotten into” “surprise!” look on her face wearing her little hat and holding a red Solo cup and a glass tumbler, all of which were on the dining room table.

We’re gonna have to watch this one.

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Bobo is the nickname given to our oldest son by his brother not long after he began talking.  It stuck and our youngest son still calls him that to this day.

Bobo is a wonderfully, sweet, sensitive, but strong 10-year-old.  He has recently started taking guitar lessons and is really enjoying it.  Hubby and I both wish we were musical, but since that probably isn’t going to happen, we are glad our children have an interest in it.  He loves science and, at this point, wants to be a palentologist when he grows up.  Or (as he always throws in) a diabetes doctor so he “can find a cure so that Daddy and Bubbie don’t have to take shots anymore.”  Just melt my heart, why don’t ya.

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Our boys (exactly 9 years ago)…

It is hard to get none goofy-faced pictures of the boys these days.  As I was looking for recent ones to post, I didn’t really see too many that they wouldn’t be totally embarrassed by in a few years.  So, I found this one and was pleasantly surprised to see the date on it – 03/27/2003 – exactly 9 years ago today.  How cute were they?  And such love.  I’ll have to show them this when they are fighting to remind them that they really do love each other!

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Baby A – Mac N’ Cheese


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