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And we’re off again!

So, I mentioned before that Hubby had a couple of interviews in Knoxville last week.  They went really well and he was offered one of the jobs at a great facility.  The other facility liked him as well, but he interviewed for a full-time position and as it turns out, the person whose spot he was applying for is no longer transferring, so the position turned into PRN.  We are so excited about the move!

Let me clarify, we are excited about getting to TN, but not excited about the moving process.  Not to mention he begins working there one week after his assignment ends here.  But, “it will all work out.”  Or so people keep telling me.  It may not seem that way right now, but I’m sure it will.

I’m really over moving.  Doing the travelling thing was fine when the companies provided furnished housing, but moving all of us plus our stuff is for the birds.  We have a whole storage unit full of stuff that it is very tempting to just put a garage sale sign in front of or tell the owners to do one of those storage auctions.  Every time we go to put more stuff in, I say to Hubby, “Are you sure we really need this stuff?”  He says we do, and we can’t replace it for the cost of moving it, and it’s really nice, and blah, blah, blah.  This is where I turn into a two-year-old and start throwing myself on the ground and kicking my feet and screaming while holding my hands over my ears.

Well, not really, but I feel like it.

So, we will move it all again, but hopefully, for the last time.  We have been looking for a home to buy, but will probably rent for a few months until we can get a feel for the area and pick something we love.  There are many available that would “work”, but I don’t want to settle and then be unhappy in three years (it’s been known to happen…I’m just saying is all).  The kids are  demanding requesting a place with enough big trees for a tree house and a creek or pond.  I mean, yeah, those are part of my conditions too.  I want a tree house.

One like this would be nice:



Tennessee, here we come.  Let the next chapter begin!


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Our humble abode…

We moved into our new (temporary) home in the middle of April.  It is a cute and comfortable place.  It is so green and lush around us.  We are living on Lake Monticello in Virginia.  Not ON the lake, but within the lake community.  It is a smaller house than are use to, but the rooms are a good size and the layout is good.  Also, less for me to clean.  We have less stuff here.  It’s amazing what you realize you don’t need when there isn’t room for it.  We have been purging all kinds of things.  Luckily, there is a thrift store near the lake that I am able to donate it all to without holding on to it for too long.


There is a creek that runs along the back of the house, about 15 feet from the house actually, and the boys love to play in it.  They have spent a number of hours already catching crawdads and tadpoles.


Overall, we are getting into the groove of things.  We began doing our schooling again yesterday.  The boys gave me the “ugh, we HAVE to do school???” attitude, but got over it after a few minutes…well, like 45 minutes, but once they saw it was getting them no where, they straightened up.

See ya tomorrow!

P.S. Now that we are back on schedule, I will try to start posting again regularly.

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