Daily Favorite Pin – Gary Riggs Home bedroom

As I was perusing the Pinterest Home Decor page today, I saw this bedroom and it stopped me in my tracks.  I just wanted to climb right into this bed.  I also love that the lamps and side tables are different heights, but it works with the light of the lamps being at the same level.  I’m still working on my ability to mix patterns within the same space as this room does so well.

Upon finding the original source (www.garyriggshome.com/interiors), I discovered that every bedroom on the designer’s page gave me the same feeling.  While some of them are a little too decorated for my taste, there are certain design elements in each one that draws me in.  A few of them have a very masculine-woodsy-cigar room vibe…and I’m totally diggin’ it.

As for the room above, I don’t know that Hubby would be super excited about the yellow, but I am going to hold on to this one for inspiration once we purchase our next home.  The walls are neutral though, so I may attempt it in the rental we’ll be living in for the next six months.  Maybe I can find a way to work in my current obsession – navy-and-white horizontal stripes; or navy-and-white chevron.  I know chevron is all the rage right now, but I’ve loved it since I saw a designer (I believe her name was Loni?) on Design Star do it on one wall.  I don’t remember which season that was, but I haven’t had cable in almost 3 years so it was a while ago.  Before Baby A was born, I had time to keep up with it by watching online, but that’s not really a possibility right now.

(OK, it’s getting late and I’m rambling, so I’ll just stop now.)

See ya on the flip side!

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