We haven’t been up to much around here lately.  Last weekend, Hubby, Baby A, and I met my mom, dad, sister, nephew, Bobo, and Bubbie in Knoxville.  Our boys had been in Florida for about four weeks visiting.  We had a lot of fun over the weekend, but we were there for other reasons as well.  On Monday, Hubby had two interviews with a couple of hospitals.  We are so excited!  We are praying to get an answer soon.  We know that they called for references, so that is a good sign.  We’re just really ready to be settled and in what we hope is our “forever home” (to use a pet adoption phrase).  His contract with the current nursing facility is up at the end of this month.  The Lord knows we like to do things spur-of-the-moment and at-the-last-minute!  HE is just answering our prayers the way we normally live…maybe we will have to change that in the future.  I’m only a little stressed.  I mean, party of five, a large dog, storage full of stuff – no biggie!  I’ve got this.  If only the little food fairy and cleaning fairy would come take care of things while I was sleeping, it may be easier.  But, we are all together; we are happy; we are healthy; and we continue to be so blessed!

Here are a couple of pics I took when my parents visited at the beginning of June.  We took a ride over to Washington, D.C.  My dad really wanted to see the Vietnam memorial.  I love this shot of him:


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