The best laid plans…

“If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”

It looks like we are going to Charlottesville, VA.  Tom was offered a travel assignment there beginning April 30.  We’ll be in Florida for a couple of weeks visiting family and friends.  We still hope to end up in Tennessee, but we never know, we might like Virginia!  That’s the best thing about having a gypsy-soul – we all have each other, so we can make our home anywhere.  In this case, we just really wanted to be at least on the same side of the country with family.  We like to travel and most of the family likes to travel so a 10-hour drive isn’t anything to us.  The boys have already talked about treating Papa (my dad) almost like a child of divorce.  They want us to meet my mom half way and pick Papa up so that he can stay with us for a week, then meet again to drop him off.  My dad is retired, but my mom still works part-time.  They also said that we only need a two bedroom house because they wanted to build a fort and live in it.  Um…great idea, but I don’t think so.

We don’t know much about Charlottesville, but we have heard from two people who said if they could live anywhere in the country, it would be there.

Just another stop in the adventurous life of the Whitleys!

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