Our boys (exactly 9 years ago)…

It is hard to get none goofy-faced pictures of the boys these days.  As I was looking for recent ones to post, I didn’t really see too many that they wouldn’t be totally embarrassed by in a few years.  So, I found this one and was pleasantly surprised to see the date on it – 03/27/2003 – exactly 9 years ago today.  How cute were they?  And such love.  I’ll have to show them this when they are fighting to remind them that they really do love each other!

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One thought on “Our boys (exactly 9 years ago)…

  1. Lori Keef

    AWWW sweet boys!! I just happend to come on here and see how things were going today and YAY it’s moving day!! I love you and hope to see you soon XOXO

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